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i dunno how to blog.
honestly i don't.

so... uhh. let's do a meme to make up for my fail as a blogger. >-< taken from holystardown 

1. Your favourite K-pop guy group.
TVXQ. hands down. though, Super Junior is a VERY close 2nd.

2. Your favourite K-pop girl group 
f(x)! and Girls' Generation. I seriously cannot get enough of these girls.

3. Your ultimate K-pop guy bias
Yunho. dude, have you seen him? this guy is sex on legs. seriously.

4. Your ultimate K-pop girl bias
Jessica & Victoria! don't make me pick between them, i can't.

5. Your favourite K-pop song from your favourite guy group:
Love In The Ice by TVXQ. when i first heard the song, i cried. it was just so beautiful, i can't even began to describe how much this song makes me feel.

6. Your favourite k-pop song from your favourite girl group:
Tell Me Your Wish [Genie] by Girls' Generation and NU ABO by f(x).

7. A K-pop song that makes you cry.
[see 5]

8. A K-pop song that you know all the words to:
Balloons by TVXQ! Gee and Tell Me Your Wish [Genie] by Girls' Generation.

9. Your favourite k-pop performance:
hmm... none. every perfomance from every group/singer i watch is awesome. <3

10. Your favourite K-pop dance:
Tell Me Your Wish [Genie] by Girls' Generation. fun as hell to dance to.

11.Your favourite K-pop boy music video:
Wrong Number by TVXQ. >////////< topless Yunho is a HUGE bonus.

12. Your favourite K-pop girl music video:
no particular favourites. =\

13. The very first K-pop song you ever heard
Purple Line by TVXQ. Yoochun's "I Really Wanna Touch Myself" is epic.

14. A k-pop group you dislike and why
none, i guess. i like everyone. ^o^

15. A k-pop song that makes you smile:
Balloons by TVXQ. <3

16. Your favourite K-pop fanvid:
Yunjae fanvids. <3

17. Your favourite K-pop lyric (and a translation):

Yeongwonhan ddaseuhameuro kamssaaneukkeoya
I'd hug your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever

Changmin, your lyrics are beautiful.

18. A K-pop idol you wish was your older sibling
Changmin or Yoochun. Changmin would be hella fun to annoy and Yoochun would be the protective older brother. lol
Jessica or Tiffany would be fun older sisters though. ;D

19. A K-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling
mmm. none? most of them are older than me, OTL;;

20. Your favourite interview of a k-pop idol or group
Ummmm... i dun remember?

21. Your favourite picture of your guy K-pop bias
you sexy beast. >/////<

22. Your favourite picture of your girl k-pop bias

Jessica & Victoria. i have a strange infatuation with the two of them.

23. Your favourite picture of your favourite k-pop group
i can't find the original picture but it's a close enough resemblance to it. ^.~

24. Other K-pop groups you like
honestly, do you want me to list down ALL the groups that i like? so be it!
SHINee, Beast, MBLAQ, Epik High, 4men, 8eight, Big Bang, Kara, C.N Blue, After School, 2ne1, 4minute, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, T-ara,CSJH, SISTAR, Soya N Sun, Secret, F.T Island, Wonder Girls, ZE:A, Teen Top, Infinite, F.Cuz and TRAX
NOTE: this is only the GROUPS that i like, i love a lot of Solo artist as well.

25. Your favourite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist
Gee, Tell Me Your Wish [Genie], Chu~ by Super Junior. xDDDDD

27. Your favourite dance battle:

the Dance Battle in the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun :
out of the 5 groups that performed there, 3 of them are having/had problems. just so happen those 3 were my top 3. dammit.

28. your favourite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist
Sexy Love by Jessica and Jonghyun. Jongsicaaaaa!!

29. A k-pop song you never get tired of:
Tell Me Your Wish [Genie] by Girls' Generation. idk, i just CAN'T get tired of it.

30. A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles
Yunho. <3 i love it when his doe-eye become like slits, they're so cute!! <3

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Thank you for your birthday wishes bb.
I'm apologetic that I haven't been translating anything for a long time, and yet there's people like you who remembers. Thank you! x

you're more than welcome! <3
take your time with the translations bb. :)

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